Labour & Employment Law

  • Workplace Management and Regulation
  • Employment Contracts, Personnel Manuals, Charge sheets
  • Industrial Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation
  • Labour Relations
  • Terminations and Retrenchments

Employment law as it stands today regulates employer/employee rights duties and privileges though a complex network of statutes. Provision of advice/opinions and interpretations based on these statues are an essential function of our Labour and Employment Law Group. Our local and international clients range from small time entrepreneurs to large public corporations engaged in businesses which cover a wide spectrum.

Our attorneys have significant experience in dealing with issues arising out of strikes, lockouts, retrenchments, lay-offs, closure of establishment, acquisitions, mergers, disciplinary and non- disciplinary termination / dismissal etc.

We represent our clients in the Labour Tribunals, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. In addition to Court representation, we represent our Clients before the Commissioner of Labour at Labour Department inquiries pertaining to gratuity, EPF and ETF, and Termination.

We also act as the local point of contact/agents for foreign law Firms on specific assignments pertaining to labour and employment, for example, in instances where there is no local representation.

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